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{i} martı gübresi
bat guano
yarasa guanosu
Türkisch - Türkisch
Deniz kuşlarının gübre olarak kullanılan pisliği
Özellikle deniz kuşlarının pisliklerinin bir yerde uzun süreden beri birikip yığılmasıyla oluşan, azot ve fosfat bakımından zengin, gübre olarak kullanılan madde
Englisch - Englisch
Hojas secas o pencas de las palmas
Manure of birds and bats that is used for fertilizer purposes
– Droppings or manure of sea birds and bats, often sold as fertilizer
Dung from a sea bird or from a bat
{i} natural fertilizer composed of excrement from sea birds (found mainly on islands near the coast of Peru)
Dried excrete
the droppings of birds or bats In some places, like penguin colonies, huge deposits of guano build up over many years People sometimes harvest this guano to use as fertilizer for farms and gardens
the rich manure of bat dung
is the Peruvian word huano (dung), and consists of the droppings of sea-fowls
It is rich in phosphates and ammonia, and is used as a powerful fertilizer
Guano is the faeces of sea birds and bats. It is used as a fertilizer. solid waste from sea birds, put on soil to help plants grow (huanu). Accumulated excrement and remains of birds, bats, and seals, valued as fertilizer. Bird guano comes mainly from islands off the coasts of Peru, Baja California, and Africa that are heavily populated by cormorants, pelicans, and gannets. Bat guano is found in caves throughout the world, and seal guano has accumulated to great depths on islands off northwestern Peru; both are lower in fertilizer value than bird guano
Manure, i e , excretions, of bats and birds Can be purchased after being dried and composted
the waste matter of sea birds Rich in nitrates and phosphates, guano was used worldwide as a fertilizer The Chincha Islands off of the coast of Peru, where guano deposits were as deep as 100 feet, were a major source for this product
A substance found in great abundance on some coasts or islands frequented by sea fowls, and composed chiefly of their excrement
manure from animals like birds and bats
the excrement of sea birds; used as fertilizer
guano bat
the common freetail bat of southern United States having short velvety fur; migrates southward for winter
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(Tabiat Doğa) de: Guano m. guano



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    /ˈgwäˌnō/ /ˈɡwɑːˌnoʊ/


    [ 'gwä-(")nO ] (noun.) 1604. Spanish, from Quechua wanu fertilizer, dung.

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