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A subgenre of alternative music, originating from Seattle, Washington, which melds punk and metal

Alice liked to wear plaids and ripped jeans, and listen to grunge.

Dirt or filth, especially when difficult to clean

The cinema floor was covered in grunge deposited by the crowds.

The state of being filthy; grubbiness

Chad used to work as a coal miner, but couldn't handle the constant grunge.

the state of being covered with unclean things
{i} trash, junk, something of poor quality; style of rock music characterized by nihilistic lyrics; style of fashion associated with grunge musicians
[Slang], anything in the atmosphere that restricts visibility for storm spotting, such as fog, haze, precipitation (steady rain or drizzle), widespread low clouds (stratus), etc
The label applied to a rock form featuring distorted guitars, whining vocals and flannel-shirt-wearing band members Popularized by and associated primarily with Seattle bands such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains
Grunge is the name of a fashion and of a type of music. Grunge fashion involves wearing clothes which look old and untidy. Grunge music is played on guitars and is very loud
Grunge is dirt. + grungy grungy grungy motel rooms
grunge music
{i} style of rock music characterized by rough guitar chords and heavy riffs and drumming