gratifyingly hoşa gidecek surette

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Türkisch - Englisch
{v} to indulge, delight, please, requite
to please, as by satisfying a physical or mental desire or need
If you gratify your own or another person's desire, you do what is necessary to please yourself or them. We gratified our friend's curiosity = satisfy + gratification grati·fi·ca·tion sexual gratification
make happy or satisfied
If you are gratified by something, it gives you pleasure or satisfaction. Mr. Dambar was gratified by his response. + gratified grati·fied He was gratified to hear that his idea had been confirmed They were gratified that America kept its promise. + gratifying grati·fy·ing We took a chance and we've won. It's very gratifying. + gratification grati·fi·ca·tion He is waiting for them to recognise him and eventually they do, much to his gratification
To please; to make content; to satisfy
To please; to give pleasure to; to satisfy; to soothe; to indulge; as, to gratify the taste, the appetite, the senses, the desires, the mind, etc
{f} satisfy, please, fulfill, gladden, delight
yield (to); give satisfaction to
To requite; to recompense
gratifyingly hoşa gidecek surette