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{f} parse
To split a file or other input into bits of data that can be easily stored or manipulated
A successful act of [[#Verb|parsing]]
{v} to resolve by the rules of grammar
(n ) The act of breaking up programming commands and structures so that they can be translated into more meaningful data A parse applies to translating human languages into programming languages as well as translating programming languages into machine languages
To read a string of characters or tokens and analyze their grammatical structure
To break down a sequence of letters or numbers into meaningful parts based on their location in the character sequence For example, the first three numbers in the GLIS access phone number 6055946888 are the area code numbers that identify the phone number as a South Dakota location
To split into pieces and interpret Article 8 5 explains how the shell parses a command line
When a computer reads in a file of code or markup language, it must use a complex set of rules to transform the code into a set of instructions the machine can use In human languages, this would be comprehended a message or utterance using a complex set of grammatical rules In the case of human languages, the rules used to understand English and Japanese differ, so we must first know which language the message is using before we can understand it We cannot use English grammar on a Japanese message In the case of computer languages, there are many scripting and programming languages, and in html file different scripting languages might be mixed in with the html code, so we must give the computer some indication of which scripting language is contained in each block so that it can use the "grammar" appropriate for understanding it
(Performance Tuning Guide and Reference)
To interpret a network address or command in order to do something with it For example, to translate a FidoNet address into a form which can be understood by machines on the Internet, it is necessary to break it into its constituent parts (user's name, zone, network, node, and point) and put the parts in an order which Internet mail transport mechanisms understand Or, when an Internet user sends a "subscribe" command to a mailing list server, the mailing list server must "parse" the command to determine which mailing list to add the user to, where to send their mail, and so forth
In grammar, if you parse a sentence, you examine each word and clause in order to work out what grammatical type each one is. to describe the grammar of a word when it is in a particular sentence, or the grammar of the whole sentence (pars orationis )
To resolve into its elements, as a sentence, pointing out the several parts of speech, and their relation to each other by government or agreement; to analyze and describe grammatically
To have a computer program split a file or other input into bits of data that can be easily stored or manipulated
To divide, analyse, and categorise individual components of language into small units so they can be utilised usefully in computer programming
To resolve into components and describe separately
To look for SSI commands in a file that VM: Webgateway is serving to a web browser
To divide a string of characters or series of words into parts to determine their collective meaning Virtually every program that accepts command input must do some type of parsing before the commands can be acted upon
To analyse or separate (for example, input) into more easily processed components
Process of breaking down and analyzing the syntax of a command or query into its instructions and parameters, or a document into its words and phrases, as is done by a spider to extract keywords and links
gramer açısından incele