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{i} çökük (coğ.)
(isim) graben, çökük (coğ.)
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An elongated block of the Earth's crust that has dropped relative to the surrounding blocks
An elongate, relatively depressed crustal unit or block that is bounded by faults on its long sides
An elongated, relatively depressed crustal unit or block that is bounded by faults on its sides
A block of rock that lies between two faults and has moved downward to form a depression between the two adjacent fault blocks See also horst
a down-faulted block of rock
a sunken area between two roughly parallel faults The faults converge toward one another below the surface, so that they look like the letter "V" in cross section Graben are the result of tension in the crust
an elongated block of the Earths crust that has dropped relative to the surrounding blocks
(Grah-bin) n an elongate, flat or nearly flat valley between normal faults; down dropped blocks forming valleys in an area of extensional stress
An elongate crustal block that is relatively depressed (downdropped) between two fault systems
A downthrown, linear, crustal block, bordered lengthways by normal faults The upstanding blocks on either side may have been lowered by erosion It is a structural feature, which may be of considerable length, caused by the relative lowering of a block between two faults or fault zones The faults are commonly high-angle, normal faults which are parallel in their strike direction Half-graben are bounded on only one side by one or more faults and are associated mainly with tilt-block tectonics Graben with a regional extent and topographic expression can also be called rift valleys Compare Horst
(Geology) (1) A depressed tract bounded on at least two sides by faults and generally of considerable length as compared to its width (2) A rather steeply sided valley formed when faulting caused a block-shaped area to drop relative to the surrounding terrain Lake Tahoe, situated on the border between the states of California and Nevada, occupies a graben ADVANCE \x 540
An elongate part of the Earth's crust bounded by faults on its long sides and relatively down-dropped compared to its surroundings
a down-dropped block of the earth's crust resulting from extension, or pulling, of the crust See also horst
"Literally a grave, but used as a technical term by geologists to indicate a depression between parallel fault lines " (p 430)
A block that is downthrown between two faults to form a depression
An area between two parallel faults that is lower than that on the other side of the faults
Türkisch - Englisch
graben, rift valley
rift valley
rift zone
graben gräbt grub grübe da kazmak
to dig or grub grouped graben gräbt



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    /ˈgrabən/ /ˈɡræbən/


    [ 'grä-b&n ] (noun.) 1896. German Graben “ditch”, from the verb graben 'to dig' (see below)

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