glacier bay national park and preserve

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National park, southeastern Alaska, U.S. Located on the Gulf of Alaska, it was proclaimed a national monument in 1925, renamed in 1980, and designated a World Heritage site in 1992. It covers 5,040 sq mi (13,053 sq km). It includes Glacier Bay, the northwestern slope of Mount Fairweather, and the U.S. portion of the Alsek River. Among its great tidewater glaciers is Muir Glacier, which rises 265 ft (81 m) above the water and is nearly 2 mi (3 km) wide. The park also includes a dramatic range of plant species and such wildlife as brown and black bears, mountain goats, whales, seals, and eagles
Glacier National Park
National preserve, northwestern Montana, U.S. Set in the state's Rocky Mountains wilderness, it adjoins the Canadian border and Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park. The two parks together compose the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, dedicated in 1932. Glacier National Park was established in 1910 and encompasses 1,013,572 acres (410,178 hectares). The park, with its active glaciers, straddles the Continental Divide. National preserve, British Columbia, Canada. Lying in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains, within the northern bend of the Columbia River, it was established in 1886; it occupies an area of 521 sq mi (1,349 sq km). Snowcapped peaks flanked by ice fields and glaciers form an alpine panorama. Outstanding features are the Illecillewaet Glacier and the Nakimu Caves in the Cougar Valley
glacier bay national park and preserve


    glac·i·er bay Na·tion·al park and pre·serve

    Türkische aussprache

    gleyşır bey näşnıl pärk ınd prizırv


    /ˈglāsʜər ˈbā ˈnasʜnəl ˈpärk ənd prēˈzərv/ /ˈɡleɪʃɜr ˈbeɪ ˈnæʃnəl ˈpɑːrk ənd priːˈzɜrv/

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