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Türkisch - Englisch
(Denizbilim) recycle
To collect or place in a bin for recycling
{f} reprocess waste to recover reusable material
Systems which may be run by private enterprise or local government to gather recyclable materials and remake them into similar or dissimilar products for market Common examples are newspapers, glass, plastic, steel, and aluminum
If you recycle things that have already been used, such as bottles or sheets of paper, you process them so that they can be used again. The objective would be to recycle 98 per cent of domestic waste It is printed on recycled paper. + recycling re·cy·cling a recycling scheme
cause to repeat a cycle
A volume whose data has passed both its browse and retention policies and is available for relabeling
Recycle using proper procedures
to recycle is to put into the cycle again In other words, to take a product and reuse it when discarded Recycling saves enormous amounts of energy and raw materials
To use again, especially to reprocess so as to use again To recondition and adapt to a new use or function
(1) to put or pass through a cycle again, as for further treatment; (2) to extract and reuse useful materials from garbage, waste, or the like
(v) to reuse or to adapt to a new use
1 In a countdown to stop the count and to return to an earlier point in the countdown, as in we have recycled, now at T minus 80 and counting Compare hold
collecting and reprocessing already manufactured materials for remanufacture either as the same thing or as part of a different product (Taking a plastic bottle and turning it into a park bench or another bottle)
To make new products from old ones Recycling used items, such as paper, cans, or bottles, saves energy, produces less pollution, and uses up fewer natural resources
use again
To reuse as a whole
To separate a given material from waste and process it so that it can be used again in a form similar to its original use; for example, newspapers recycled into newspapers or cardboard
– To process in order to use again
To reclaim or reuse old materials in order to make new products
To process waste materials in order to regain new material for human use