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Türkisch - Türkisch
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Dilencilik
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (Gedbe) f. Yoksul, dilenci, fakir, dilenen
Dänisch - Türkisch
kıl keçisi
Englisch - Englisch
Graduate Equivalency Diploma
General Education Diploma. A substitute for a high school diploma, for people who dropped out of high school or were homeschooled
A diminutive of the male given name Gerard
general equivalency diploma in the US, a diploma with the same value as a high school diploma, which people who left high school without finishing their education can study for at any age
A package for building genome databases Currently intermingled freely with the Sea Urchin Genome Project site
General Equivalency Diploma
General Equivalency Degree that upon successful completion of a test substitutes for a high school diploma
general education diploma
The European pike
General Equivalency Degree
Graphics Editor
General Equivalency Diploma (equivalent to a high school diploma)
A series of tests which can be taken to qualify for a high school equivalency certificate or diploma Many colleges will accept satisfactory GED test results in place of a high school diploma
General Educational Development Certificate, a high school equivalency certificate
Graduation standards/proficiencies
General Educational Development Test; General Equivalency Degree
general educational development in reference to a high school diploma equivalency Close Window
Equivalency of a high school diploma Obtained by taking a test

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    /ˈged/ /ˈɡɛd/


    ... She has a GED, and she's always worked in food service. ...

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