gaz bırakma

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(Matbaacılık, Basımcılık) blowdown
Cooling fluid discharged from a plant at the end of its cycle
The removal of liquid and solid hydrocarbons from a refinery vessel by the use of pressure
The use of air or an inert gas pressure to displace a liquid out of a filter cake Continued blowdown is used to dry the cake in situations
or Cylinder Blowdown: Blowdown occurs during the period between exhaust valve opening and BDC It is the period (measured in crank degrees) during which residual exhaust gases are expelled from the engine before the exhaust stroke begins Residual gasses not discharged during blowdown must be physically "pumped" out of the cylinder during the exhaust stroke, lowering power output from consumed "pumping work "
uprooting by the wind Also refers to a tree or trees so uprooted
Withdrawal of water from boilers and cooling towers to prevent buildup of solids
{i} method for measuring compression in an engine (in order to diagnose malfunctions); tree that has been knocked down by strong winds
removal of liquids and/or solids from a process vessel or storage vessel or line by the use of pressure; often used to remove materials which, in high concentrations, could cause damage to the vessel or line, or exceed limits established by best engineering practices
Trees felled at the base by high winds
The removal of water from an evaporative system (e g , cooling tower or boiler) to reduce mineral concentration that can cause scaling Optimum Utility Systems can determine the optimum blowdown rate to avoid unnecessary make-up water and sewer charges
The difference in pressure between the opening pressure and reclose pressure of a valve May be expressed in percentage of set pressure or "psig" (055)
{i} water drawn from a boiler or water heater in order to remove suspended particles and reduce the buildup of solids
Removal of liquids or solids from a process/storage vessel or a line by the use of pressure
The discharge of recirculating water for the purpose of discharging materials within the system This eliminates the buildup of materials that could cause damages
A tree pushed over by the wind, also called windthrow
gaz bırakma