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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} ihbarname
{i} çağrı
{i} süs
Englisch - Englisch
A judgment that a third party should pay money owing to a defendant directly to a plaintiff
{n} ornament, a fee
An amount withheld from your pay and remitted to another party, such as a creditor You must include in your taxable income any amount that was garnished from your pay, because the full amount of your pay is considered to have been received by you even though some was withheld to pay your debts
(Saisie-arrêt) Situation in which an employer is instructed by a court to withhold some or all of an employee's wages to pay off the settlement of a lawsuit which that employee lost
A legal proceeding under which part of a person's wages or assets are withheld for payment of a debt This term is usually used to specify that an income or wage withholding is involuntary
A court-ordere in which a portion of a person's salary is paid to a creditor
The automatic withholding of a specifice amount of a borrower's wages or income to pay a delinquent or defaulted loan
A legal process that allows part of a person's wages and/or assets to be withheld for payment of a debt Wage or income garnishment is usually involuntary (See also direct income withholding, income withholding, wage withholding )
a court order to an employer to withhold all or part of an employee's wages and to send the money to the court or to the person who won a lawsuit against the employee
When a creditor obtains a judgement against you, they can attach to your wages, requiring your employer to forward payment directly to them Canada Customs and Revenue Agency does not need a judgement to garnishee wages
See Garnish, n
An order requiring either a part of ones wages or money in a bank account be given to a creditor
Warning to a person in whose hands the effects of another are attached, not to pay the money or deliver the goods to the defendant, but to appear in court and give information as garnishee
Warning, or legal notice, to one to appear and give information to the court on any matter
a procedure to take control over a persons assets or income that have been judicially determined to be awed or to belong to another person
A legal action that allows the state to attach a portion of an obligor's salary (after mandatory deductions) and apply it to his or her obligation
The seizing of a person's property, credit or salary, on the basis of a law which allows it, and for the purposes of paying off a debt The person who possesses the assets of the debtor and is the subject of the seizure is called a "garnishee" This is frequently used in the enforcement of child support where delinquent debtors will be subjected to salary garnishment A percentages of their wages is subtracted directly off their pay-check and directed to the person in need of support (the employer being the garnishee)
– A legal proceeding whereby a person's property, money or credit in the possession of or under the control of a third person (garnishee) is withheld from the defendant and applied to the payment of the defendant's debt to the plaintiff
Ornament; embellishment; decoration
A notice warning a defendant that a third party has been instructed to apply the defendant's property or money to a debt owed to the plaintiff
{i} decoration and adornment of food; legal confiscation of property or funds
A court order to take part of a person's wages or other money owed to him/her before (s)he receives the money, because of an unpaid debt owed to a creditor
A legal document that requires a garnishee to send any money owing to the respondent to the Family Justice Services Branch or a court instead of to the respondent Back
The practice of withholding a portion of a defaulted borrower's wages to repay his or her loan, without their consent
Legal proceeding that authorizes a third party to directly attach the debtor's funds, such as wages or a bank deposit, to satisfy a creditor's claim
A proceeding whereby a plaintiff creditor, i e , garnishor, seeks to subject to his or her claim the property or money of a third party, i e , garnishee, owed by such party to defendant debtor, i e , principal defendant
A notice ordering a third party , such as an employer, to forward money to satisfy a child support obligation
The withholding of a specific amount of a borrower's wages or income to pay a delinquent or defaulted loan
In law, attachment of a debtor's wages to satisfy a judgment. Under a garnishment order, the court requires the employer to deduct and pay to the creditor a percentage of the debtor's salary until the debt is satisfied. As legal redress, the practice can be traced to Roman law. See also debtor and creditor
A court order to take part of a person's wages, before he gets them, and apply the amount taken to pay a debt owed to a creditor
>> A legal proceeding under which a person's money is in control of another and is taken for payment of a debt The amount that may be taken is set by statute and, in most states, a judgment is necessary before garnishment
A fee
A legal proceeding in which a debtor's money, in the possession of another (called the garnishee), is applied to the debts of the debtor, such as when an employer garnishes a debtor's wages
plural of garnishment