foolishness enayilik

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Türkisch - Englisch
{a} weak in understanding, imprudent, wicked
Resembling or characteristic of a fool
devoid of good sense or judgment; "foolish remarks"; "a foolish decision
lacking good sense or judgement; unwise
having or revealing stupidity; "ridiculous anserine behavior"; "a dopey answer"; "a dopey kid"; "some fool idea about rewriting authors' books"
{s} stupid, silly; nonsensical, idiotic
Marked with, or exhibiting, folly; void of understanding; weak in intellect; without judgment or discretion; silly; unwise
If you look or feel foolish, you look or feel so silly or ridiculous that people are likely to laugh at you. I didn't want him to look foolish and be laughed at. = ridiculous + foolishly fool·ish·ly He saw me standing there, grinning foolishly at him
Absurd; ridiculous; despicable; contemptible
devoid of good sense or judgment; "foolish remarks"; "a foolish decision"
If someone's behaviour or action is foolish, it is not sensible and shows a lack of good judgment. It would be foolish to raise hopes unnecessarily It is foolish to risk skin cancer. + foolishly fool·ish·ly He admitted that he had acted foolishly. + foolishness fool·ish·ness They don't accept any foolishness when it comes to spending money
Such as a fool would do; proceeding from weakness of mind or silliness; exhibiting a want of judgment or discretion; as, a foolish act
foolishness enayilik