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Bir sıvı maddede asılı olarak, küçük tanecikler halinde top top bulunan madde
floc point
(Endüstri) Bir makina yağında geniş moleküllerin ana kütleden ayrılarak mumsu tortu oluşturmasının ortaya çıktığı sıcaklık derecesi
Englisch - Englisch
An alternative word for floccule. A soft or fluffy particle suspended in a liquid or the fluffy mass of suspended particles so formed. Floc may be mineral as for clay, chemical as in water treatment or biological as in sewage treatment
A flocculent mass formed in a fluid through precipitation or aggregation of suspended particles
A floc is formed in the water treatment process to help remove suspended particles from the water The floc is formed as a result of adding alum and lime to the water
The general term given to a colonies of bacteria which are either attached to a surface (e g in a biological filter) or free floating in a clump See also sewage fungus
(See flocculation) - The clump or tuft formed when suspended particles combine with a flocculating agent
A clump of solids formed in sewage by biological or chemical action
The clumping of particles when a flocculating agent is added to the water
Collection of smaller particles that have come together into larger particles
The agglomeration of smaller particles in a gelatinuous mss having the feature of being more easily removed from the liquid than the individual small particles
a tuft-like mass (from Latin `floccus', meaning `flock of wool')
a very fine, fluffy mass formed by the aggregation of fine suspended particles
{i} flake, tuft
Clumps of bacteria and particulate impurities that have come together and formed a cluster Found in flocculation tanks and settling or sedimentation basins
a small loosely aggregated mass of flocculent material suspended in or precipitated from a liquid
clumps of impurities removed from water during its treatment; they form when a coagulant is added to raw water
A cluster of frazil particles
The large particles produced from coagulated particles binding together