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A type of soft, woven fabric, made to imitate flannel by raising or brushing the fibers in the weft. Frequently used in sleepwear, pillows, and bedding
Something made from this fabric

Our flannelettes provide an extra layer between the underquilt and sheets.

a cotton fabric imitating flannel
Fibre: Cotton Weave: Plain and twill Characteristics: A heavy, soft material with a napped finish, usually only on one side In cheaper qualities the nap comes off Launders well, easy to manipulate and is warm to wear There are many types on the market It may be bleached, dyed, printed, or woven in coloured stripes Uses: Infants and children's wear, men's, women's and children's sleeping wear, pocket linings, quilts, shirtings
{i} type of soft cotton cloth
A medium-weight, plain weave fabric with a soft hand, usually made from cotton The fabric is usually brushed only on one side, and is lighter weight than flannel End-uses include shirts and pajamas
a woven cotton fabric with a soft, raised surface
soft cotton cloth used especially for making night clothes and sheets
{i} type of soft cotton fabric
alternative spelling of flannelette