fazla ısıtılma

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Türkisch - Englisch
{i} overheating
excessive heating
An economy that is expanding so quickly that there is concern about inflation rates rising The Federal Reserve usually tries to slow the economy's pace by tightening the money supply This causes less money to be chasing after goods and services
Heating a metal or alloy to such a high temperature that its properties are impaired When the original properties cannot be restored by further heat treating, by mechanical working, or by combination of working and heat treating, the overheating is known as burning
economic expansion at a rate that cannot be sustained
An economy that is growing very quickly, with the risk of high inflation
Failure of tools and components in heat treatment can arise through overheating This may be caused due to quenching from a temperature too high for the type of steel involved Overheating is evidenced by cracking, grain-coarseness, erratic surface hardness and pitting
present participle of overheat
fazla ısıt
fazla ısıt
{f} overheating
fazla ısıt
{f} overheated
fazla ısıt
fazla ısıtılma