fault tolerance

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Aksaklık Hoşgörüsü
kusur hoşgörüsü
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ability of a system to continue operating as designed despite internal or external changes
(Ticaret) Characteristics of a process that allow it to continue operation or produce acceptable output when faced with a condition outside its normal design parameters
Byzantine fault tolerance
Byzantine fault tolerance is a sub-field of error tolerance research inspired by the Byzantine Generals' Problem, which is a generalized version of the Two Generals' Problem
fault tolerance


    fault tol·er·ance

    Türkische aussprache

    fôlt tälırıns


    /ˈfôlt ˈtälərəns/ /ˈfɔːlt ˈtɑːlɜrəns/


    [ 'folt, in poetry also ' ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English faute, from Middle French, from Vulgar Latin fallita, from feminine of fallitus, past participle of Latin fallere to deceive, disappoint.

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