false alarm

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Englisch - Türkisch
gereksiz telâş
yanlış alarm
false alarm error
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) yanlış alarm hatası
false alarm error
birinci tur hata, yanlis alarm hatasi
Englisch - Englisch
The tendency for subjects to say that they have studied an item that they have not studied (Anderson)
siren that is set off at the wrong time or as a test
Alarm condition that does not require a dispatch
Heuristic scans, used to detect new and previously undiscovered viruses, will often give off a lot of false alarms or flags The novice user may think that a flag during a heuristic scan indicates a virus In most cases it is just a false alarm but worth checking out nonetheless
An alarm event indicating the presence of an emer-gency condition when none exists
When you think something dangerous is about to happen, but then discover that you were mistaken, you can say that it was a false alarm. a bomb threat that turned out to be a false alarm. a situation in which people wrongly think that something bad is going to happen
A situation were an alarm signal is triggered without any intrusion attempt Some causes of this are user error (accounts for over 80%) , telephone line trouble and equipment malfunction
An indicated fault where no fault or failure exists
In a categorical verification problem, an event forecast that is associated with no event observed See contingency table
Heuristic scans, used to detect new and previously undiscovered viruses, will often give off false alarms or flags
When an item other than an EAS label or tag alarms an EAS system
An alarm signal generated without an existing alarm condition
An alarm signal caused by other than the condition the equipment was designed to detect Foot Printing: An inked impression of the underside of the infants foot revealing whorls loops, and bifurcations, with corresponding cores, deltas and ridges used in making and classifying foot prints for use in identification
An incorrect report of a virus sometimes caused by scanners that have detected virus like activity or code on a computer Sometimes called a false positive
  A reported smoke or fire requiring no suppression; for example, brush burning under Control, mill smoke, false smoke
a warning that is given about something that fails to occur
false alarm