explaining away

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Englisch - Englisch
Present participle of explain away
explain away
To dismiss or minimize by explanation, especially with regard to problems

He couldn't just explain away all of his problems.

explain away
If someone explains away a mistake or a bad situation they are responsible for, they try to indicate that it is unimportant or that it is not really their fault. He evaded her questions about the war and tried to explain away the atrocities I had noticed blood on my husband's clothing but he explained it away
explain away
make clear, elucidate, clarify, justify, excuse
explaining away


    explaining a·way

    Türkische aussprache

    îkspleynîng ıwey


    /əkˈsplānəɴɢ əˈwā/ /ɪkˈspleɪnɪŋ əˈweɪ/

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