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A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do
Etc is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et cetera Because it is an abbreviation, it is always followed by a period It means and other things, not and other people, so never use it when referring to people The correct Latin expression when referring to people would be et al , for et alii (and others) Use that abbreviation only in list of works cited entries
Export Trading Company
Estimate to Completion Estimate of work and/or costs (remaining) to complete a project
Estimate Time to Complete ETC allows users to keep track of how much more time is needed to complete the task/project at hand
Educational Technology Collaborative
1) Electronic Toll Collection 2) Electronic Throttle Control
Electronic Toll Collection
The Education Technology Center, which assists faculty in their efforts to incorporate technology in the classroom
Et Cetera
Educational Technology Center, located in the Wallace Memorial Library basement ETC performs non-specialized captioning for RIT
Order code for standard diesel engine
Equipment Trust Certificate
- and so forth, from the Latin et cetera; use sparingly
Abbreviation for "export trading company "
Entry To Care Overnight voluntary treatment facility for intoxicated persons Entry is affiliated with Genesee Hospital and uses space in the Salvation Army building on West Av in Rochester
etc is used at the end of a list to indicate that you have mentioned only some of the items involved and have not given a full list. etc is a written abbreviation for `et cetera'. She knew all about my schoolwork, my hospital work etc. a packed programme of events -- shows, dances, coach tours, sports, etc. et cetera used in writing after a list to show that there are many other similar things or people that you could have added
etcetera = and so on, and the like, and other things
see Export Trading Company
Enhance Throughput Cellular AT&T Paradyne protocol for data transmission over analog cellular connections consisting of enhancements to V 42 and V 32bis for compression, error detection, and error correction
appropriate in note-taking, but not in an essay Even worse is the redundant and etc
= "and so on , and so on"
Estimate (or Estimated) To Complete (or Completion)
Experiment Team Captain - A user who has the responsibility of supervising the experiment for a particular beamtime assignment This may or may not be the Principal Investigator
eligible telecommunications carrier
Et cetera; and the rest; and so forth
and so on, and so forth
{a} for et caetera, and so forth
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sandık eşyası clothes, linens, etc
(kept in a hope chest)