entry point

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Englisch - Türkisch
giriş noktası
(Havacılık) fir noktası
(Askeri) GİRİŞ NOKTASI: Bir bilgisayar programına, yordama veya alt yordama girerken belirtilecek koşullar
(Hukuk) sınır kapısı
(Hukuk) hudut / sınır kapısı
(Hukuk) giriş kapısı
(Hukuk) sınır noktası
point of entry
giriş noktası
point of entry
yabancı ülkeye giriş yapılan hava alanı yada liman
point of entry/exit
(Askeri) giriş-çıkış noktası
software test and evaluation program; standard tactical entry point; standard to
(Askeri) yazılım test ve değerlendirme programı; standart taktik giriş noktası; standart kullanım planlaması aracı
Englisch - Englisch
The location where a program, module, or control structure begins 12 9
The point at which a calling program accesses a called program
The first executable statement within a component
A stock's "entry point" refers to the price point at which an investor takes an initial position in a stock Defining an entry point depends on the approach taken when analyzing stock prices, i e , whether an investor is using technical or fundamental analysis A good entry point for a growth stock is near a bottom of its price range or at a breakout price from a higher high
In the BWCAW, one of a limited number of locations where access to the wilderness area is allowed; controlled by permit system
A point in the program to which the machine goes before you have had time to stop it from going there
(u) means a representative sampling location after the last point of treatment but before the first consumer connection
Designated locations for entering the BWCAW
This is the function that is called when a dynamic link library is loaded into memory
In assembler language, the address or label of the first instruction that is executed when a routine is entered for execution
The address at which a function or task begins to execute In C, the entry point of a function is the function's name
A labelled place in a piece of code where execution can begin
The point where stored water enters the distribution system Español
The starting point in the code of an application In Visual Basic 6, entry points include a Sub Main procedure or a Form_Load event
An IBM network management term An entry point provides management functions for itself and the devices attached to it It has to be an SNA-addressable unit, allowing it to participate in network management by monitoring its own environment and exchanging information and messages with a Focal point
A function which is called when the DLL is loaded, or attached by a thread or process In Symbian OS, the function E32Dll() is usually coded as the entry point
A point within a help volume that may be displayed directly as the result of a request for help That is, a topic where the user may " "enter" or begin reading online help Any topic, or location within a topic, that has an ID can become an entry point
entry point for the eye
The first spot in a particular print advertisement noticed by the reader

We thought the entry point for the eye in this ad would be the actress’ face, but it was actually her legs.

entry point