entry level

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(Bilgisayar) giriş düzeyi
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Really crap job
entry-level entry level product/model/computer etc a product etc that is the most basic or simple of its kind, making it suitable for people who do not have much money to spend or who do not have experience using the product
Only slightly above most users' heads
A candidate for an Entry Level position would typically have recently completed either a Bachelors or Masters degree, or have up to two years of post Bachelors degree professional work experience directly related to the position being filled Salary Range: $ 26,623 - $ 56,831 Grade Range: GS 05 - 09
entry level system
basic system, minimal system which is suited for a certain type of work
simple enough to be appropriate to an inexperienced person, or to someone who does not need advanced features
Entry-level is used to describe basic low-cost versions of products such as cars or computers that are suitable for people who have no previous experience or knowledge of them. Several companies are offering new, entry-level models in hopes of attracting more buyers
Entry-level jobs are suitable for people who do not have previous experience or qualifications in a particular area of work. Many entry-level jobs were filled by school leavers
entry level


    en·try lev·el

    Türkische aussprache

    entri levıl


    /ˈentrē ˈlevəl/ /ˈɛntriː ˈlɛvəl/


    [ 'en-trE ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English entre, from Old French entree, from feminine of entré, past participle of entrer to enter.