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A group that is set off from a larger population by its characteristic or behavior

it tends to make marriage itself a lifestyle enclave.

A political, cultural or social entity or part thereof that is completely surrounded by another

The streets around Union Square form a Protestant enclave within an otherwise Catholic neighbourhood.

A tract of land or a territory inclosed within another territory of which it is independent
A culturally distinct region of a city or country; for example, Chinatown
A Language Environment (LE) term A collection of routines
a country or part of a country wholly within the boundaries of another country
An enclave is an area within a country or a city where people live who have a different nationality or culture from the people living in the surrounding country or city. Nagorno-Karabakh is an Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan. a small area that is within a larger area where people of a different kind or nationality live (enclaver )
To inclose within an alien territory
{i} territory or culturally distinct entity surrounded by the territory of another country
an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds it
A tract or territory enclosed within another state or country
A secured area within another secured area
(in-kla've) [French ] Anything which is represented as let into something else, particularly when the bearing so let in is square
An area that is for practical purposes an enclave, but does not meet the strict definition: an area that is not completely surrounded by another, but can only in practice be reached by passing through another area. For instance, a region of a country that is not connected by road to the main part of the country without passing through another country
diplomatic enclave
Diplomatic Enclave is the place that houses embassies
Lado Enclave
Region, central Africa. It was located north of Lake Albert on the west bank of the Upper Nile River, in what is now northern Uganda and southeastern Sudan. It was first explored by Europeans in 1841-42 and became a station for ivory and slave traders. Britain claimed the Upper Nile region in 1894 and leased to Leopold II of Belgium the area known as the Lado Enclave. It was incorporated into the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan in 1910
Palestinian enclave
area of Palestinian autonomy surrounded by Israeli settlements
plural of enclave



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    /ˈenˌklāv/ /ˈɛnˌkleɪv/


    [ 'en-"klAv; ÷'än-"k ] (noun.) 1868. From French enclave.

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