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kan pıhtısı
(Diş Hekimliği) damarın tıkanmasına yol açan pıhtı, hava kabarcığı, vb. engel
(Tıp) embolus
(Tıp) emboli
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Kimyasal yapısı kanın kimyasal yapısından farklı olan ve kan içerisinde katı halde dolaşan bir damarın tıkanmasına neden olan madde
Englisch - Englisch
The structure on the end of the palp of male arachnids which contains the opening to the ejaculatory duct

Those spiders with a simple bulb insert most of this; those with a complex palp insert only the embolus, which in some species is very long .

An obstruction causing an embolism: a blood clot, air bubble or other matter carried by the blood stream and causing a blockage or occlusion of a blood vessel
= tissue particle transported by the blood stream also foreign bodies, a thrombus or gas bubbles, which get stuck when the vessel narrows and thus block the vessel
Any foreign matter, as a blood clot or air bubble, carried in the blood stream
a free-roaming clot that usually forms in the heart
a "wandering" blood clot
A blood clot that moves through the blood stream
A blood clot
A blood clot that detaches from the inside of a blood vessel and travels in the bloodstream (can also be fat, air, or a piece of tumor)
an abnormal particle (e g an air bubble or part of a clot) circulating in the blood
a small solid particle or gas bubble that is carried in the blood flow stream; (plural is emboli)
{i} clump of undissolved material in the bloodstream (Medicine)
A plug of some substance lodged in a blood vessel, being brought thither by the blood current
an air bubble or part of a clot circulating in the blood
A blood clot, air bubble or other matter carried by the blood stream and causing a blockage or occlusion of a blood vessel
A blood clot or other foreign substance that is carried in the bloodstream and has the potential to impede and/or obstruct circulation
abnormal particle (such as a blood clot or air bubble) circulating in the bloodstream
A detached mass within a blood vessel that is carried along with blood flow
an abnormal particle e
A stiff spur found on the cymbium of a mature male's pedipalp
Also called embolism; a blood clot that forms in the blood vessel in one part of the body and travels to another part
a mass of clotted blood or other material moved by the blood from one vessel and forced into a smaller one
an abnormal particle (such as cholesterol, platelet clump, blood clot, calcium fleck, an air bubble, fat, or some combination of these) circulating in the blood
An embolus is a clot of blood, fat, air, or some other substance that travels through the bloodstream, lodging in small vessels
It consists most frequently of a clot of fibrin, a detached shred of a morbid growth, a globule of fat, or a microscopic organism
Something inserted, as a wedge; the piston or sucker of a pump or syringe
a blood clot (or other foreign substance) that travels in the blood stream to occlude an artery or vein
a clot or plug carried in the blood from another location which lodges in the vessel and can cause ischemia; formed by blood platelets and fibrin
formed material circulating in the blood stream during life and coming to rest, blocking a vessel
plural of embolus
Türkisch - Englisch
(Tıp) embolus
(Tıp) embolism
(Tıp) emboly
(Tıp) emboli





    [ 'em-b&-l&s ] (noun.) 1859. From Latin embolus (“piston”), from Ancient Greek ἔμβολος (embolos, “peg, stopper”).

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