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(Askeri) acil durum kuruluşu, acil durum kadrosu (emergency establishment)
assignee veya payee kelimelerinde olduğu gibi bir fiile hedef olan kimseyi gösteren ek
bazen or ile karışıp"yapan" anlamına gelir
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Kuzey avrupada bulunan bir baltık devletinin internet alan kodu
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'Ee by gum lass we've seen nought of thee this many a long year, thou's a sight for sore eyes,' he said planting a kiss firmly on Mum's cheek.

Eastern European
Etching elements A proof intended to illustrate the image development of the finished print The etching element is shown singly
first style of Gothic architecture in England
A suffix used, chiefly in law terms, in a passive signification, to indicate the direct or indirect object of an action, or the one to whom an act is done or on whom a right is conferred; as in assignee, donee, alienee, grantee, etc
abbr Evenings End
the branch of engineering science that studies the uses of electricity and the equipment for power generation and distribution and the control of machines and communication
The two-character ISO 3166 country code for ESTONIA
English language
An eye
E-commerce: Commercial activity that takes place by way of connected computers
Endorphins: A group of peptide hormones that reduce the levels of pain and affect human emotions Enzyme: A protein that functions as a biochemical catalyst
easy, ski
Estonia (in Internet addresses)
English Electric
It is correlative to -or, the agent or doer
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    /ˈē/ /ˈiː/


    [ 'E, "E, E ] (noun suffix.) Middle English -e, from Middle French -é, from -é, past participle ending, from Latin -atus.

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