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hamd ve şükran duası
hamt ve şükran duası
hamt ilahisi
{i} temcit duası
{i} doksoloji
şükür dua
{i} şükür duası
Englisch - Englisch
An expression of praise to God, especially a short hymn sung as part of a Christian worship service
{n} a short form of giving glory to God
this is the praise song that we sing to thank God for all the good things we are able to give back to the work of the Church We sing the Doxology when the collection is being brought to the table
{i} hymn to God, song of praise
Words of praise and glory to God
A song of praise and thanksgiving used by the church for over 300 years We sing it as the ushers bring the offering plates to the front of the sanctuary to remind us of how good God is to us
In Christian worship: A hymn expressing praise and honor to God; a form of praise to God designed to be sung or chanted by the choir or the congregation
From the Greek, "as speech of glory" or "of praise " It usually begins with such words as, "Glory be to the Father "
a ) Praise and glorification of God; b ) Any short hymn or psalm in praise of the Lord
a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God
A doxology is an ascription of glory (doxa in Greek) to God, most commonly to the Persons of the Holy Trinity in a liturgical setting In the New Testament, a doxology may be in praise of the Father or of Christ
In a religious writing or service, the formal concluding expression of praise or formula ritually ascribing glory to God



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    /däkˈsäləʤē/ /dɑːkˈsɑːləʤiː/


    [ däk-'sä-l&-jE ] (noun.) 1649. From Medieval Latin doxologia Ancient Greek δοξολογία (“a praising”) δοξολόγος (“giving or uttering praise”) δόξα (“glory, honor, repute”) δοκεῖν (“to think, expect”).

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