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Englisch - Türkisch
doz ölçer
(Askeri) DOZİMETRE: Bir süre içinde massedilen radyasyon miktarlarını ölçmeye yarayan alet
{i} rontgen ışınları ölçeği
(Tıp) Bir tertiplik ilaç ölçüsü
{i} damlalık
(Tıp) dozametre
(Askeri,Fizik) doz ölçümü
chamber dosimeter
Röntgen işini ölçeği

a 10-cm chamber dosimeter is used to measure theintegrated dose for a single conventional scan.

(Askeri) DOZ ÖLÇME ALETİ: Doz ölçmede kullanılan cihaz, dozimetre
(Nükleer Bilimler) doz ölçümü,doz ölçme
(Tıp) Doz ölçümü, ilaç veya ışın dozunun tesbiti
ionization chamber pocket dosimeter
(Nükleer Bilimler) iyon odalı cep dozimetresi,iyon odalı cep
pocket dosimeter
(Çevre) cep dozimetresi
radiac dosimeter
(Askeri) RADYAK DOSİMETRE: Bizzat absorbe ettiği nükleer radyasyonu ölçmek için kullanılan bir cihaz
thermoluminescent dosimeter
(Nükleer Bilimler) (tld) termoluminesans dozimetre (tld)
Englisch - Englisch
A device used to measure a dose of ionising radiation. These normally take the form of either Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL), photographic film, thermoluminescent devices (TLD) or electronic personal dosimeters (PDM)
{i} device that measures doses of radiation
A small, nuclear-radiation detection device that registers the total amount of radiation to which it has been exposed
An instrument that measures an individual's total exposure to radiation
An instrument that measures the dose of ionizing radiation A biological dosimeter is a biological or biochemical indicator of the effects of exposure, such as a change in blood chemistry or in blood count A highly accurate biological dosimeter has yet to be found
A small, calibrated electroscope worn by laboratory personnel and designated to detect and measure incident ionizing radiation or chemical exposure
a measuring instrument for measuring doses of ionizing radiation (X-rays or radioactivity)
An instrument that measures exposure to radiation
a device for measuring accumulated exposure to x-rays, gamma rays, or other hazardous radiation
An instrument that measures the accumulated amount of radiation or noise received at a particular location or by a particular person
A radiation sensitive device, e g , film, monitor ion chamber, TLD, etc , with a known sensitivity that is placed in the beam path of radiation to dose
A small, pocket-sized device used for monitoring radiation exposure of personnel Before use, it is given a charge, and the amount of discharge that occurs is a measure of the accumulated radiation exposure
Commonly referred to as a film badge, this device is worn on a person's body and measures accumulated radiation over a period of time They are mandatory at facilities that use radioactive materials
An instrument for measuring and registering the total accumulated dose of (or exposure to) ionizing radiations Instruments worn or carried by individuals are called personnel dosimeters
An instrument that measures sound levels over a specified time, stores the measurements, and calculates dose, time-weighted average and (perhaps) other parameters such as peak level, equivalent sound level, and sound exposure level
Instrument to measure dose; many so-called dosimeters actually measure exposure rather than dose
radiation dose measuring device
An instrument used to determine the radiation dose a person has received
A small portable instrument for measuring and recording the total personal absorbed dose
An instrument for measuring the ultraviolet in solar and sky radiation
the measurement of doses, especially of ionizing radiation
{s} pertaining to the measurement of doses of radiation; pertaining to the measurement of doses of medication
The theory and application of the principles and techniques involved in the measurement and recording of radiation doses and dose rates Its practical aspect is concerned with the use of various types of radiation instruments with which measurements are made See Dosimeter, Survey meter
a device for measuring doses of radiation
a system of therapeutics which uses but few remedies, mostly alkaloids, and gives them in doses fixed by certain rules
Quantification of radiation doses to individuals or populations resulting from specified exposures
Instrument that measures total accumulative dose
The theory and application of the principles and techniques involved in the measurement and recording of ionizing radiation doses
Measurement of doses; specif
{i} measurement of doses of radiation; measurement of doses of medication
measuring the dose of radiation emitted by a radioactive source
The measurement and calculation of radiation doses
Dosimetry is the accurate determination of dosage, i e , the quantity of radiation received over a given period of time
The calculations, measurements and other activities required for determining the radiation dose to be delivered





    [ dO-'si-m&-t&r ] (noun.) 1938. Late Latin dosis + International Scientific Vocabulary -meter.

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