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{i} uyku hali
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Quiet and inactive restfulness, the state of being dormant; quiescence
quiet and inactive restfulness
a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction; "the volcano erupted after centuries of dormancy
Physiological rest or inactive growth in some matured seeds (and other plant organs) that delays germination or growth for some time even though there is physiological maturity Primary dormancy = induced by endogenous factors; secondary dormancy = induced by environmental factors Parasite seeds have a dormant period (afterripening period) of 0 to 9 (or even more) months This period is determined largely by internal factors or in Cuscuta by the seed coat; certain chemicals (oxidizing agents) and physical changes (heating) reduce dormancy
is the suspension of active growth during the winter or other unfavorable conditions
A period of low metabolic activity that occurs during the life of an organism
The period of plant growth inactivity May be in the seed (in some annuals such as wild oats) or in the whole plant
A period of quiescence when no apparent growth or development is taking place; a form of growth regulation
{i} hibernation; state of inactivity
Condition of relative inactivity as applied to seeds, tubers and perennial plants during the winter
State of inhibited germination of seeds or plant organ growth in the presence of the required conditions for initiating growth
n State of being temporarily devoid of external activity, yet capable of being activated
A period in which plants "go to sleep" or slow down their metabolic processes
a period of reduced biological activity Bears, though not true hibernators, enter a period of winter dormancy During this period their body temperature is slightly reduced and their need for food eliminated Bears are more easily aroused from their dormancy than true hibernators
A period of time when a plant stops visible growth because of unfavorable enviromental conditions
The state of being dormant; quiescence; abeyance
The resting or inactive phase of plants or seeds Dormancy of shoots is usually in response to unfavorable environmental conditions The breaking of seed dormancy requires moisture, sometimes cold temperatures and/or abrasion of the seed coat
An extended period of suspended or greatly reduced activity, e g aestivation and hibernation
"resting" period when growth slows almost to a halt; usually occurs during the dry or cold season of the year
A general term denoting a lack of growth of seeds, buds bulbs or tubers due to unfavourable environmental conditions (exogenous or external dormancy ) or to factor within the organ itself (endogenous or internal dormancy)
a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction; "the volcano erupted after centuries of dormancy"
Warm season grasses stop growing during cold weather (When lows get below 40º) They will lose their green color during this time The length and degree of dormancy varies between varieties