do s.o. good

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Englisch - Türkisch
birine iyi gelmek
do good
iyi gelmek
do good
(deyim) iyilik etmek
do good
(deyim) (do (someone/something)(some/no/a lot of etc.) good) Yaramak,faydalı olmak,iyi gelmek,düzeltmek
do good
(deyim) do (someone/sth.)(some/no/a lot of etc) good yaramak,faydalı olmak,iyi gelmek,düzeltmek
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do good
perform good works
do s.o. good



    ... You open the device, you're good to go, and you have the ...
    ... that that spec is good, and to the extent that these people are diligent in doing their ...

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