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Englisch - Türkisch
(isim) diskjokey
{i} diskjokey
dinner jacket

O, bir smokin giyiyordu. - He was wearing a dinner jacket.

Englisch - Englisch
disc jockey
To act as a DJ (disc jockey); to play, cut and mix/blend recorded music
dinner jacket
Dow Jones & Company
A DJ is the same as a disc jockey
Djibouti, a member state of the United Nations
A DJ is the same as a dinner jacket. Djibouti (in Internet addresses). dust jacket. disc jockey someone who plays records on a radio show or in a club where you can dance
{i} announcer of a music radio station, host of a popular music radio station who plays musical selections and provides commentary; one responsible for music at a dance party
Disc Jockey A person who mixes songs together for public performance DJs perform on the radio or in clubs Get yourself a trendy haircut, some nice clothes and a record bag if you want to cut it Back
A code for SOJ (see SOJ) A package type code
comment on music to be played; "He has a job diskjockeying on the weekend"
a person who announces and plays popular recorded music