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Englisch - Türkisch
(Tıp) disinhibisyon
(isim) şartlı refleksin yitimi
{i} şartlı refleksin yitimi
(Tıp, İlaç) İnhibisyonda kayba veya azalmaya sebeb vermek
(Tıp, İlaç) Bir inhibisyonu kaldırmak
Englisch - Englisch
Lack of restraint in responding to a situation
Freedom to act according to one's inner drives or feelings, with less regard for restraints imposed by cultural norms
(dis´´in-hi-bish´un): A temporary increase in the strength of an extinguished response caused by an unrelated stimulus event (p 219)
When the conditioned stimulus elicits a conditioned response after a novel stimulus is presented during extinction
The freedom to act out behaviors on the internet that would normally be suppressed in face-to-face communication
{i} loss of normal inhibitions (Psychology)
Temporary removal of an inhibition through the action of an unrelated stimulation
Inability to suppress (inhibit) impulsive behavior and emotions
(Tıp, İlaç) Cause the loss or reduction of an inhibition