disconcerted düzeni bozulmuş

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Türkisch - Englisch
To upset the composure of
To frustrate, make go wrong
To bring into confusion
Want of concert; disagreement
If something disconcerts you, it makes you feel anxious, confused, or embarrassed. Antony's wry smile disconcerted Sutcliffe + disconcerted dis·con·cert·ed He was disconcerted to find his fellow diners already seated. to make someone feel slightly confused, embarrassed, or worried (desconcerter, from concerter )
One who discommends; a dispraiser
To put inconvenience; to incommode; to trouble
cause to lose one's composure
To confuse the faculties of; to disturb the composure of; to discompose; to abash
To discommode
{f} discompose, fluster, worry; confuse, cause disorder
Disadvantage; inconvenience
Blame; censure; reproach
cause to feel embarrassment; "The constant attention of the young man confused her"
Deserving, disapprobation or blame
To deprive of a commission or trust
Inconvenient; troublesome; incommodious
To deprive of privileges
To break up the harmonious progress of; to throw into disorder or confusion; as, the emperor disconcerted the plans of his enemy
disconcerted düzeni bozulmuş