dip dalgası (bottom current)

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Türkisch - Englisch
(Askeri) BC
battlecruiser, a type of warship
birth control
Baja California, a Mexican state
basso continuo, a musical term used primarily in the Baroque period
British Columbia, a province of Canada
Before Christ. Often written in small caps

The Han Dynasty ruled China from 206 BC to AD 220.

British Columbia, a Canadian province
{i} graduate of university studies in trade and sales
You use BC in dates to indicate a number of years or centuries before the year in which Jesus Christ is believed to have been born. Compare AD. The brooch dates back to the fourth century BC. before Christ used after a date to show that it was before the birth of Christ AD
large private college located in Chestnut Hill (Massachusetts, USA)
dip dalgası (bottom current)