dikkat eden kimse

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Türkisch - Englisch
A person sent as a representative, to a meeting or other function to monitor but not to participate

The UN sent many observers to the country's first elections.

A crew member on an aircraft who makes observations of enemy positions or aircraft

The only crew-member to survive the crash was the Canadian observer.

A sentry etc. manning an observation post

We waited till dusk when the observers' vision was poorest.

A representative of a requesting State Party or third State Party to observe a CWC challenge inspection
the Conference of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies normally permit accredited observers to attend their meetings Observers include the United Nations and its specialised agencies, non-Party states, representatives of other conventions, and other qualified governmental and non-governmental organisations
A person sent, as a delegate, to a meeting or other function to monitor but not to participate
The individual who watches the donor urinate into a collection container or specimen bottle when a direct observed collection is required
the prime ``customer'' of the telescope A person who controls telescope observing during a specified period of time
A concept used in radar research, applicable to trading, in how often and what manner detection or radar contact is achieved
ISO-PGA object; Logical name (identifier) for an individual or group who owns one or more Proposals
An object whose state depends on another object Observers are designed to 'know' how to update themselves when they receive notification of a change from another object (the subject) See dependency and event for mechanisms which can be used to implement this ability See the Observer pattern
A sycophantic follower
An object that receives notification events from a notifier object with which it is registered See notification event Contrast with notifier
The COP and its subsidiary bodies normally permit observers to attend their sessions Observers may include the United Nations and its specialized agencies, the International Atomic Energy Agency, non-Party states, and other relevant governmental or non-governmental organizations
You can refer to someone who sees or notices something as an observer. A casual observer would have taken them to be three men out for an evening stroll Observers say the woman pulled a knife out of the bunch of flowers and stabbed him in the neck. = witness
one who observes; a spectator who takes notice of something
One who watches, monitors or takes notice
One who fulfills or performs; as, an observer of his promises
One who adheres or follows laws, guidelines, etc
{i} one who observes; spectator; onlooker; keeper of religious law
kilosuna dikkat eden kimse
dikkat eden kimse