dişbudak gibi ağaçlardan sızan koyu ve tatlımsı madde

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By extension, any good thing which comes into one's hands by luck or good fortune
{n} a physical drug, gum, delicious food
The food supplied to the Israelites in their journey through the wilderness of Arabia; hence, divinely supplied food
The food miraculously supplied the Israelites during their wanderings in the Sinai wilderness (Exod 16: 1-36) Described in Numbers 11: 7-9 and commonly referred to as "bread" from heaven (Deut 8: 3; Nah 9: 20; Ps 78: 24; John 6: 31-35; Heb 9: 4; Rev 2: 17), its appearances ceased when Israel entered Canaan (Josh 5: 12)
A name given to lichens of the genus Lecanora, sometimes blown into heaps in the deserts of Arabia and Africa, and gathered and used as food
Food miraculously produced for the Israelites in the desert in the book of Exodus
Actually means "what is it?" It was the bread from heaven which fell on the ground 6 days per week God used this bread to feed his people during the Exodus On the sixth day (Friday) it fell in double portions so that the people would have enough on Sabbath The manna could not be kept overnight (except on Friday Night) otherwise it would rot
If you say that something unexpected is manna from heaven, you mean that it is good and happened just at the time that it was needed. Ex-forces personnel could be the manna from heaven employers are seeking
Food of Heaven The life substance of life
The magic available to a wizard It is used up when spells are cast
rotundifolia, the manna ashes of Southern Europe
A sweetish exudation in the form of pale yellow friable flakes, coming from several trees and shrubs and used in medicine as a gentle laxative, as the secretion of Fraxinus Ornus, and F
What, please ? ie What is it ?
{i} food which God miraculously gave to the Israelites in the wilderness (Biblical); sudden or unexpected assistance; substance obtained from the Eurasian ash tree and formerly used as a laxative
By extension, any good thing which comes into ones hands by luck or good fortune
The sugary sap of the manna gum tree which oozes out from holes drilled by insects and falls to the ground around the tree
hardened sugary exudation of various trees
(Old Testament) food that God gave the Israelites during the Exodus
dişbudak gibi ağaçlardan sızan koyu ve tatlımsı madde


    diş·bu·dak gi·bi a·ğaç·lar·dan sı·zan ko·yu ve tat·lım·sı mad·de