derin bas hoparlör

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(Muzik) subwoofer
Large speakers designed to reproduce frequencies from the ultra low bass region Because they can be felt rather than heard, they can be mounted almost anywhere in the car and are often powered in mono Typical frequencies are (20 Hz to 150 Hz) Designed to be used in an enclosure, tube or free-air set-up
A large loudspeaker designed to reproduce low audio frequencies
A separate loudspeaker unit that reproduces very low bass
An electronic speaker designed to produce low-frequency sound, especially bass
A speaker designed to reproduce only low-bass frequencies A powered subwoofer contains an amplifier and an electronic crossover
A specific type of speaker dedicated to reproducing very very low frequency sounds Usually a big cabinet located on the floor [placing the cabinet on the floor mechanically couples the low-frequency vibrations to the floor, enhancing the effectiveness ]
Specifically designed to produce the lowest frequencies or bass sounds that are nondirectional It is best to place subwoofers on the lowest levels in the room to have the maximum impact
A loudspeaker made specifically to reproduce the lowest of audio frequencies, approximately between 45 Hz and 125 Hz 2
Dedicated low frequency bass loudspeaker, often mounted in a separate cabinet that may also contain a power amplifier with signal processing circuitry (active subwoofer) The typical subwoofer frequency range lies below 200 Hz or less where the human ear is almost nondirectional This makes it possible to position a subwoofer almost anywhere in the room, and still enjoy deep notes and powerful, rumbling film effects
Large speakers designed specifically to reproduce the low bass frequencies, usually designed to be used in a cabinet, tube or free-air type environment
a loudspeaker designed to reproduce bass frequencies
A cabinet designed to handle very low frequencies
A speaker designed exclusively for low-frequency reproduction A true subwoofer should be able to at least reach into the bottom octave (20-40Hz) There are many "subwoofers" on the market that would be more accurately termed "woofers"
a loudspeaker that reproduces the very low sounds usually in the range of 20Hz to 1000 Hz
A speaker designed to produce the lowest audio frequencies at an adequate volume Most subwoofers, or "subs" as they're commonly called, are designed to operate from 80 Hz downwards, as the ear can usually pinpoint the source of any higher frequencies The bass units of small three-piece systems are commonly referred to as subwoofers, but they often have limited output below 50 Hz or so
A loudspeaker made specifically to reproduce frequencies below 125 Hz
A woofer and enclosure system which is physically separate from the main speaker system and (as originally defined) intended to reproduce sound only below 50 cycles This definition has 'loosened' in recent years to mean a woofer system reproducing sound below about 100 cycles Despite marketing hype from 'subwoofer - satellite' manufacturers, bass is NOT omnidirectional (nor is it reproduced properly in monaural) below 100 cycles
A very low frequency speaker with a frequency response anywhere from approximately 25 Hz to as high as 120 Hz The crossover frequency to the main system depends on the response of the main system, and could range from 40 Hz to over 100 Hz in some consumer systems
An electromechanical device used to recreate sound waves of 100 hertz and lower in frequency Usually a cabinet containing at least one 12" or larger in diameter transducer
derin bas hoparlör