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Englisch - Türkisch
mıknatıslığını gidermek
(fiil) gemiyi manyetik mayınlara karşı donatmak
{f} gemiyi manyetik mayınlara karşı donatmak
bir şilebin manyetik alanını siper edip manyetik mayınlardan korumak
manyetizmayı önle
mıknatıslık giderme bobini
(manyetik bant) mıknatıslık giderme bobini
(Askeri) DİGAVSİN: Elektromanyetik bobinler; daimi mıknatıslar ve diğer araçlar kullanılarak bir geminin manyetik alanının azaltılması işlemi
Englisch - Englisch
To reduce or eliminate a magnetic field, especially from the hull of a ship, or from a computer monitor
make nonmagnetic; take away the magnetic properties (of); "demagnetize the iron shavings"; "they degaussed the ship"
To remove, erase or clear information from magnetic media [x917-85][x917-95]
Magnetism from electronic components can intefere with the electrons in the cathode ray tube, and hence the display of Monitor screens, resulting in colour distortion The degauss button removes this disruption Most monitors degauss automatically when the monitor is turned on
A term with the same meaning as Demagnetize (to remove the magnetism from)
- to demagnetize   Degaussing magnetic media results in removing or altering the information stored on that media
1) To remove magnetic charges or to erase magnetic images Normal applications include monitors and disks or tapes Most monitors incorporate a degaussing coil, which surrounds the CRT, and automatically energizes this coil for a few seconds when powered up to remove color or image distorting magnetic fields from the metal mask inside the tube Some monitors include a button or control that can be used for additional applications of this coil to remove more stubborn magnetic traces 2) Also the act of erasing or demagnetizing a magnetic disk or tape using a special tool called a degaussing coil
To remove magnetism from a device The term is usually used in reference to color monitors and other display devices that use a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) These devices aim electrons onto the display screen by creating magnetic fields inside the CRT External magnetic forces -- such as the earth's natural magnetism or a magnet placed close to the monitor -- can magnetize the shadow mask, causing distorted images and colors To remove this external magnetic forces, most monitors automatically degauss the CRT whenever you turn on the monitor In addition, many monitors have a manual degauss button that performs a more thorough degaussing of the CRT You can also use an external degausser that degausses the monitor from the outside Since it may be impossible to remove the external magnetic force, degaussing works by re-aligning the magnetic fields inside the CRT to compensate for the external magnetism
{f} neutralize a magnetic field, demagnetize
(v ) To neutralize the magnetic field of objects, such as magnetic tape drives and monitors
The Degauss button can be used to remove colour spots Colour spots in the picture can occur when a magnetic object, e g a loudspeaker or a screwdriver is held too close to the picture tube By pressing this button, the shadow mask is demagnetized, causing the colour spots to disappear
On monitors, a process that demagnetizes the metal components in the CRT, thus eliminating image distortion that can result from magnetic charges acquired by the components Some new monitors degauss automatically whenever you turn on your monitor
Erase a videotape completely by exposing the tape to a magnetic field
Slang for demagnetize
To degauss (pronounced dee-GOWS) is to demagnetize Degaussing a computer display removes any undesirable magnetic field that may have built up within the display, causing distortion of the image or color Display monitor with cathode ray tube (cathode ray tube) technology are subject to the buildup of magnetic fields Many display manufacturers include an internal coil that will degauss the display when it is turned on Some displays also include an external control that a user can operate to degauss the display at any time
Process of eliminating magnetism, such as with a color monitor face plate, to eliminate distortion
An instrument used for the process of demagnetizing
A device that can generate a magnetic field for degaussing magnetic storage media
A device that creates a strong magnetic field that erases data from magnetically encoded media such as magnetic stripe cards
The process of demagnetizing a magnetic material such that its remanent magnetism is zero
the process of making a (steel) ship's hull nonmagnetic by producing an opposing magnetic field
The technical process by which the magnetic domains of storage media are transformed from an ordered alignment recoverable as data into random patterns Degaussing may be accomplished in two ways: AC erasure using a variable alternating magnetic field, or DC erasure using a unidirectional field from a DC power supply or permanent magnet Degaussing is sometimes known as demagnetising
This function removes magnetism from the CRT, on some models this is activated automatically once the power is switched on Most models include this function within the user OSD menu
The process of erasing all sound from a piece of magnetic stock or tape
Magnetic stripe data erasure
{i} process of neutralizing a magnetic field