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A unit of information transmitted as a whole from one device to another on a network
Format in which data is transmitted over a network The packet contains the data itself and information necessary to ensure the packet arrives intact at the intended destination
a unit of data sent over a network A packet includes a header, addressing information and the data itself A packet is treated as a single unit as it is sent from device to device
(Net Services Administrator's Guide) [definition #2] (Net Services Reference Guide)
One unit of information transmitted as a discrete entity from one node on the network to another More specifically, a packet is a transmission unit of a fixed maximum length that contains a header with the destination address, a set of data, and error control information (Ref: Dyson, Dictionary of Networking)
(Net Services Administrator's Guide)
Information about a vehicle or group of vehicles, or other non-voice data, transmitted via communication conduits (cellular, Internet, etc ) to the fleet management system computer
A packet used to transmit user data over a virtual circuit at the DTE/DCE interface
A block of data arranged in the form of a packet that contains a header which carries information about the content of the packet and the address in the network where the package is supposed to go The Internet operates with data packets all the time Internet Protocol is form of data packets ITFS two way systems will use data packets in IP mode
A means of transmitting serial data in an efficient package that includes an error-checking sequence
Cellular Digital Packet Data
(Telecommunications) open-specification for two-way data packet transmissions via cellular communication channels (higher quality than modem connections using analog cellular channels), CDPD
data packet


    da·ta pack·et

    Türkische aussprache

    deytı päkıt


    /ˈdātə ˈpakət/ /ˈdeɪtə ˈpækət/

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