dört elle sarılmak

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Türkisch - Englisch
wade into
wade in
to stick heart and soul, to go at sth, to get down to sth, to knuckle down (to sth), to buckle down to sth
buckle down to
buckle oneself to
(deyim) have one's heart in
cling to someone for support
(deyim) hammer away at
get down to
Jump in with both feet

If you want to be a part of this family, you need to jump in with both feet.

wire away
wire in
be wraped up in
get weaving
dört elle sarılmak/yapışmak
1. to go into (something) wholeheartedly. 2. to cling to (someone) for support and help
Türkisch - Türkisch
Yapacağı işe büyük bir önem verip özen göstererek girişmek."Başarılı olmak mi istiyorsun, dört elle sarıl işine!
dört elle sarılmak