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Of, relating to, existing on, or affecting the skin
{a} relating to the skin
relating to or existing on or affecting the skin; "cutaneous nerves"; "a cutaneous infection"
pertaining to the skin surface of the eyelid
relating to or existing on or affecting the skin; "cutaneous nerves"; "a cutaneous infection
Pertaining to or affecting the skin
Of, relating to, or affecting the skin [120]
Pertaining to the skin
{s} of or relating to the skin
Of or pertaining to the skin; existing on, or affecting, the skin; as, a cutaneous disease; cutaneous absorption; cutaneous respiration
Of the skin
Pertain to or affecting the skin
Cutaneous is something relating to the skin
cutaneous anthrax
a form of anthrax infection that begins as papule that becomes a vesicle and breaks with a discharge of toxins; symptoms of septicemia are severe with vomiting and high fever and profuse sweating; the infection is often fatal
cutaneous leishmaniasis
leishmaniasis of the skin; characterized by ulcerative skin lesions
cutaneous sensation
a sensation localized on the skin
cutaneous vein
one of a number of veins in the subcutaneous tissue that empty into deep veins
A hydrocarbon polymer, of uncertain structure but thought to be similar to kerogen, found in some plants
via the skin





    [ kyu-'tA-nE-&s ] (adjective.) 1578. From New Latin *cutaneus Latin cutis (“skin”)

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