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A stiff petticoat made from this fabric
A skirt stiffened with hoops
A stiff fabric made from cotton and horsehair
full stiff petticoat made of crinoline
stiff unpliable material used to support or stiffen dress, also given name of steel springs forming a type of cage or hoop used to extend skirt; sometimes used in entire petticoat
In the 1840s, a crinoline was a stiff petticoat made of horsehair and thread; by the mid-1850s it had grown to a light, cage-like framework of whalebone, wire or watch-spring steel Unlike the hoop skirt, the crinoline spread to all classes, and was worn by factory girls and even peasants A bit about bones A short course in corsets --> A watch-spring steel crinoline cage Handy tips for corset-wearers
A lady's skirt made of any stiff material; latterly, a hoop skirt
A lightweight, plain weave, stiffened fabric with a low yarn count (few yarns to the inch in each direction)
{i} stiff cotton cloth; petticoat made of some stiff cloth, underskirt; hoop skirt
a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing
Petticoats stiffened with horse-hair to enable the bell-like skirts of the early nineteenth century, that was eventually replaced with the bustle
A crinoline was a round frame which women wore under their skirts in the 19th century. a round frame that was worn in the past under a woman's skirt to support it and hold it away from her body (crinolino, from crino + lino )
A kind of stiff cloth, used chiefly by women, for underskirts, to expand the gown worn over it; so called because originally made of hair
a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing full stiff petticoat made of crinoline
plural of crinoline





    [ 'kri-n&l-&n ] (noun.) 1830. French, from Italian crinolino, from crino horsehair + lino flax, linen, from Latin linum; more at CREST.

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