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Englisch - Türkisch
pamuk gibi
{s} ince tüylü
pamuğa ait
{s} yumuşacık
{s} pamuk
Englisch - Englisch
Having some characteristics of cotton; soft and fluffy
Of or pertaining to cotton; resembling cotton in appearance or character; soft, like cotton
{s} soft, resembling cotton
Covered with hairs or pubescence, like cotton; downy; nappy; woolly
resembling cotton; as soft as cotton
cottony-cushion scale
Scale insect (Icerya purchasi, order Homoptera) that is a pest especially of California citrus trees. The adult lays bright red eggs in a distinctive large white mass that juts out from a twig. Distributed worldwide, cottony-cushion scale is found on many other plants, including acacia, pittosporum, and willow. Australian ladybird beetles (see ladybug), a natural enemy, have been imported to keep it from destroying the California citrus industry