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involving a two-way exchange of messages, such as between a client and a server
of, relating to, or in the style of a conversation; informal and chatty
Conversational means relating to, or similar to, casual and informal talk. His father wanted him to learn conversational German
A communication model where two distributed applications exchange information by way of a conversation; typically one application starts (or allocates) the conversation, sends some data, and allows the other application to send some data Both applications continue in turn until one decides to finish (or de-allocate) The conversational model is a synchronous form of communication
Pertaining to conversation; in the manner of one conversing; as, a conversational style
The attribute of communication that is described by sending data to and receiving data from another component in an iterative fashion without return to the OLTP monitor until the whole application thought is completed; the salient feature of this form of execution is that each "receive" after the first puts the process in a state of suspension until the component being addressed responds
characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation; "wrote her letters in a colloquial style"; "the broken syntax and casual enunciation of conversational English"
{s} of or pertaining to a conversation
in a conversational manner, talkatively; openly, informally
In a conversational manner
with the use of colloquial expressions; "this building is colloquially referred to as The Barn"



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    /ˌkänvərˈsāsʜənəl/ /ˌkɑːnvɜrˈseɪʃənəl/


    [ "kän-v&r-'sA-sh&n ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English conversacioun, from Middle French conversation, from Latin conversation-, conversatio, from conversari to associate with, frequentative of convertere to turn around.


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