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boa constrictor
avını sıkıca saran boa yılanı
boa constrictor
boa yılanı
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That which constricts or tightens
A muscle which contracts or closes an orifice, or which compresses an organ; a sphincter
That which constricts, draws together, or contracts
any of various large nonvenomous snakes that kill their prey by crushing it in its coils
A serpent that kills its prey by inclosing and crushing it with its folds; as, the boa constrictor
A snake that kills its prey by coiling around it and squeezing
{i} someone or something which constricts; boa constrictor (snake which chokes its prey)
Tube or orifice used to restrict flow of a gas or a liquid
boa constrictor
A large tropical American snake, Boa constrictor, that kills its prey by squeezing them
boa constrictor
A large and powerful serpent of tropical America, sometimes twenty or thirty feet long
boa constrictor
large non-poisonous snake which squeezes its victims to death
boa constrictor
See Illustration in Appendix
boa constrictor
very large boa of tropical America and West Indies
boa constrictor
A boa constrictor is a large snake that kills animals by wrapping itself round their bodies and squeezing them to death. Boa constrictors are found mainly in South and Central America and the West Indies. A large boa (Boa constrictor) of tropical America that has brown markings and kills its prey by constriction
plural of constrictor



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