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Englisch - Türkisch
et suyu
{i} et suyuna çorba
sebze çorba
(Gıda) et suyu çorbası
consomme cup
(Turizm) konsome kase
beef consomme
sığır eti konsome
clear soup
süzme et suyu
Englisch - Englisch
Alternative spelling of consommé
clear soup usually of beef or veal or chicken
{i} clear soup
a clear broth made from reduced meat or vegetable stock, served either hot as a soup or chilled as a jelly

For after washing at the hotel at Patras, Jacob had followed the tram lines a mile or so out; and followed them a mile or so back; he had met several droves of turkeys; several strings of donkeys; had got lost in back streets; had read advertisements of corsets and Maggi's consommé; children had trodden on his toes; the place smelt of bad cheese; and he was glad to find himself suddenly come out opposite his hotel.




    [ "kän(t)-s&-'mA ] (noun.) 1815. From the French consommer “to boil down,” from the Latin consummare “to complete”

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