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On a boat, the vertical side of above-deck structures, such as the coach roof, hatch, and cockpit
A raised frame, designed to deflect or prevent entry of water, around an opening (e.g., a hatch or skylight) in a flat surface, such as a roof or deck
On a boat, the vertical side of the coach roof, hatch, cockpit., extending above the deck
The vertical plating bounding a hatchway
A vertical raised frame or piece around the edge of a cockpit, hatch, etc to prevent water on deck from running below
Any vertical surface on the deck designed to deflect or prevent entry of water
A low wall around cockpit Daysailor - A boat used for short sails without overnight accommodations
A raised edge, as around the cockpit or around a hatchway, to keep water out
Raised area around the cockpit that prevents water from entering
{i} raised border that surrounds the opening in a ship deck or roof in order to keep out water
a raised framework around a hatchway on a ship to keep water out
Raised lip on doorsills and hatches to prevent water from entering
Raised partition at base of doorways to keep water from entering
Raised pieces of wood of iron around a hatchway, skylight, or other opening in the deck, to prevent water from running bellow; esp
the fore-and-aft pieces of a hatchway frame as distinguished from the transverse head ledges