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A medical resident working as an intern in a clinic or hospital during clinical rotations
A healthcare provider working in a clinic or hospital
A trained health professional who provides some kind of clinical service, e g doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, psychologist, chiropodist, dentist etc
A health professional who is directly involved with the care and treatment of patients
a physician, physician assistant, or nurse
A clinician is a doctor who specializes in clinical work. a doctor who treats and examines people, rather than one who does research
A medicine student working as an intern in a clinic or hospital during his clinical semesters
The instructors hired to teach the students how to march and work with the flags
A doctor working in a clinic or hospital
{i} one who specializes in clinical work (work conducted in a clinic which involves direct observation of the patient)
a practitioner (of medicine or psychology) who does clinical work instead of laboratory experiments
A teacher that works with small groups of students to support the Music Directors and is paid by the Boosters
plural of clinician