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If you climb down in an argument or dispute, you admit that you are wrong, or change your intentions or demands. If Lafontaine is forced to climb down, he may wish to reconsider his position He has climbed down on pledges to reduce capital gains tax. = back down
{f} go down, come down, step gradually down
come down; "the birds alighted"
A retreat or withdrawal from an earlier position or opinion; a back-down or backing down

Thursday's court appearance as he waited for his case to be heard was a humiliating climbdown for the flamboyant Texan, who sports the clipped mustache and Saville Row style of English aristocracy. — Texas cricket mogul pleads not guilty to fraud by Kate Murphy, The Age, June 26 2009.

A climb-down in an argument or dispute is the act of admitting that you are wrong or of changing your intentions or demands. In an embarrassing climb-down, the Home Secretary lifted the deportation threat. an occasion when you admit that you were wrong
a retraction of a previously held position
{i} backdown, change of opinion, withdrawal from a previously held position; act of admitting one was wrong
climb down


    climb Down

    Türkische aussprache

    klaym daun


    /ˈklīm ˈdoun/ /ˈklaɪm ˈdaʊn/