cheer on

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Englisch - Türkisch
tezahürat yapmak
teşvik etmek
alkışla cesaret vermek
Englisch - Englisch
To cheer and support a team, to barrack, to root for
When you cheer someone on, you shout loudly in order to encourage them, for example when they are taking part in a game. A thousand supporters packed into the stadium to cheer them on Most will probably be cheering on their favourite players
cheer on

    Türkische aussprache

    çîr ôn


    /ˈʧər ˈôn/ /ˈʧɪr ˈɔːn/


    [ 'chir ] (noun.) 13th century. Middle English chere face, cheer, from Old French, face, from Medieval Latin cara, probably from Greek kara head, face; more at CEREBRAL.

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