cedar rapids

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A city of east-central Iowa on the Cedar River west-northwest of Davenport. It is a major commercial, industrial, and transportation center. Population: 108,751. City (pop., 2000: 120,758), eastern Iowa, U.S. Originally called Rapids City, it was settled in the 1830s next to rapids of the Cedar River, a source of waterpower. With the coming of the railroads, it developed as a grain and livestock market. Neighbouring Kingston was annexed in 1870, and Kenwood Park in 1926. Its manufactures include electronic equipment and farm machinery. It was the home of the artist Grant Wood
a city in eastern Iowa
cedar rapids


    ce·dar rap·ids

    Türkische aussprache

    sidır räpıdz


    /ˈsēdər ˈrapədz/ /ˈsiːdɜr ˈræpədz/

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