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Englisch - Türkisch
(Bilgisayar) bilgi
(Askeri) komuta merkezi; unsur komutanlığı (NATO) (command center; component command (NATO))
CC (Carbon Copy): Elektronik postanın kopyasının aynı zamanda başka bir e-posta adresine daha göndermenize yarar
{k} cubic centimeters, carbon copy
bk. Carbon Copy
credit card
kredi kartı

Ben bir kredi kartı ile ödemek istiyorum. - I would like to pay with a credit card.

Ödeme için kredi kartı kullanabilir miyim? - Can I use a credit card for payment?

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(Bilgisayar) altyazı
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(Bilgisayar) alt yazı
chief complaint
(Tıp) en sık yakınma
chief complaint
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) temel şikayet
credit card
tic. kredi kartı
Englisch - Englisch
chief complaint
Companion of the Order of Canada
cement coated
Community College
City College
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credit card
courtesy copy
cruiser, a type of warship
carbon copy
Creative Commons
circuit court
cubic centimetre
cubic centimeter
{i} copy of a document (sent to a third party)
{s} being 200, being 10 more than 190
unit of cubic measure
the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Chinese: dang zhong yang, Tibetan: tang krung yang
A test done in addition to blood tests for measuring either kidney, dialysis or transplant function The normal level for the kidney(s) is about 120 ml/min (1200 litre/week) whilst for CAPD patients it is 50 l/week, CCPD 65 l/week and Haemodialysis 100 l/week
Carbon Copy A space on your email that allows you to send a copy of the message to someone
Clicking the microphone twice is a sign that you have heard a transmission The code 'CC' is typed in multiplayer games to indicate you have heard what your team mate is saying If you do not respond, your team mates must assume you have not seen their message and may repeat it
A command commonly used to invoke the C compiler on UNIX systems See also c89
being ten more than one hundred ninety
stands for carbon copy; type an e-mail address in the cc: box to send that message to a second person; (you can also type multiple e-mail addresses separated with a comma, no space, in the To: field )
a metric unit of volume equal to one thousandth of a liter
Comprehensive Center(s) Funded under OESE Authorized under Title XIII of ESEA CCs help schools improve teaching and learning for all students by encouraging high standards, quality professional development and the use of effective practices based on the latest research
Cubic centimeter is a volume measurement in the metric system that is equal in capacity to one milliliter (ml) One quart is about 946 cubic centimeters
Castanets: An instrument similar to a gong or rattle Chant: A short, simple melody in which any number of syllables or words are sung to the same note Chromaticism: Chords or harmonies based on nonharmonic tones Clavichord: A keyboard instrument with a quiet sound which is produced by brass wedges striking horizontal strings Composer: An individual who composes music Cornet: A wind instrument from the trumpet class Culture: The learned behaviors of humans
A 200 game; stands for "double century "
"carbon copy" of an e-mail message sent to an address other than the one indicated in the "To" line
a broadcast television program that includes a signal which produces descriptive subtitles on the screen Requires CC converter in the TV set
Cubic Centimeter (engine displacement) Micro Switch Electrical device on carburetor
cc is used at the end of a business letter to indicate that a copy is being sent to another person. cc J. Chater, S. Cooper. Cocos Islands (in Internet addresses). chapters
"Comedy Central" Network that broadcasts the UK "WLiiA?" in the US Also broadcast the game show "Vs " when it was on (SEE: "VS")
A general purpose programming language It was formalized by ANSI standards committee for the C language in 1984 and by Uniforum in 1983
Is an acronym for Carbon Copy referring to a copy being sent elsewhere
abbreviation, cubic centimeter, often used as a unit of measurement for drug dosages
MATCHING SERVICE - On-site computer/hand matching and/or participation in the RideShare matching service (884-RIDE) Hand matching is done without the use of a map board Could include a RideShare Sign Up event or Zip Code Party
Carbon copy The prompt in an e-mail program which allows the user to enter one or more ID's to send copies of a message
Courtesy Copy, derived from the non-digital Carbon Copy A way to send an e-mail message to a person other than the main recipient or recipients The CC'ed party can see that they are not the main recipient of the letter Search Engine: Any of a number of giant databases on the Internet which store data on Web sites and their corresponding URLs Some popular search engines are Metacrawler, Alta Vista, and Excite
Carbon Copy - Used when you want to send a copy of an email message to someone other than the main person you are writing to Usually used for business purposes
A company reputation that is rated CC is of very poor quality Companies with reputations in this category show weakness across all reputation dimensions and from all constituencies, and are on the verge of reputational default or have entered the early stages of such default Reputational rehabilitation is, however, still possible No reputational advantages accrue to companies in this category
Short for Carbon Copy A copy of an E-mail message sent to one or more recipients other than the main addressee
You use cc when referring to the volume or capacity of something such as the size of a car engine. cc is an abbreviation for `cubic centimetres'. 1,500 cc sports cars