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Kazan, buhar çıkarıp köpürüyor. - The cauldron was steaming and bubbling.

Cadı, kazanını karıştırıyor. - The witch is stirring her cauldron.

(isim) kazan
i., İng. kazan
{i} kazan
(isim) kazan
Englisch - Englisch
A large bowl-shaped pot used for boiling over an open flame

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Cauldrons come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and forms, but are basically a large deep bowl shaped recepticle used in various ways for ritual work Generally they are made of metal and are often used to hold the coals for loose incense
Used both as a tool and a symbol The cauldron represents birth, death and rebirth, and is a symbol of the Goddess, especially in her forms as Mother and Crone Many ancient legends from Norse, Celtic and other traditions use the cauldron as an emblem of knowledge, inspiration and blessing
A black pot( usually cast iron) used bywitches that symbolically represents the womb of the Goddess, and it is used for various purposes including burning incense, and holding herbs
An iron vessel that would have been originally used to cook food and also to brew medicines and potions by true historical cunning persons and Witches Used in Wicca for making brews and potions, and various ritual purposes, The 3 legs of the Cauldron are supposed to represent the Triple Goddess
A large vessel for boiling things in
{i} large pot used for cooking or boiling liquids
A feminine symbol of the goddess, also of life, death, and rebirth This is associated with Cerridwen, a goddess who brewed a magickal cauldron from which a single drop was yielded each year The consumer of her brew would be granted great wisdom Today her cauldron survives not only in pagan ritual but in the Christian concept of the holy grail
a very large pot that is used for boiling
A large kettle or boiler of copper, brass, or iron
n A pot, often cast iron and with three or four legs, a handle and a lid, used in various ways for magical work and rituals In essence a cooking pot, it is a tool for transformation Objects may be passed through the fire for purification, and people may jump over the cauldron, for example for purification and/or healing A cauldron may also be used over a fire, for brewing herbal drinks or making special soups to be eaten as part of a ritual Filled with water, it may be used for scrying
An iron pot, of any size, used to prepare ritual magicks, herbals, infusions, and so on The cauldron is a symbol of the womb and the birth process, the ability to transform oneself into a more spiritual individual
A cauldron is a very large, round metal pot used for cooking over a fire. In stories and fairy tales, a cauldron is used by witches for their spells
Normally a cast iron pot
call-drin; A metal bowl, sometimes with a handle/feet, which represents the Goddess and her womb
{n} a very large kettle, pot, boiler
alternative spelling of cauldron
A large kettle or boiler of copper, brass, or iron
the American spelling of cauldron
[Written also cauldron
] a very large pot that is used for boiling
a very large pot that is used for boiling
{i} large pot or kettle
alternative plural of caldron, cauldrons
plural of cauldron
in the cauldron of battle
during a battle, in the midst of war



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    /ˈkôldrən/ /ˈkɔːldrən/


    [ 'kol-dr&n ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English from Old Northern French caudron (Old French chaudron), itself from Latin calidarium (“cooking-pot”) from calidus (“hot”).

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